Love from the Stars (Episode 3)

Another chapter another year. I really love Eosha's little dress!  I have all of Eosha's language I've used written down so that I can reuse words whenever I feel it is needed. Eosha still calls Clark "Horuyt", although it is not mentioned in this section.   Dearest Eosha, You always slept so well. No nightmares, … Continue reading Love from the Stars (Episode 3)

Love From the Stars (Episode 2)

Chapter Two! EEK, I'm so excited! Most of these will be a "year" in between, but this is just a few months after being adopted. I forgot to mention, the courthouse was made by Godfrey6000 in the gallery, and their house is made by SimsOnlineCom in the gallery. Eosha, you are such a cinnamon roll! … Continue reading Love From the Stars (Episode 2)

Love from the Stars (Ep 1)

This is my take on the Alien Adoption Challenge ( I will be mostly following the rules- not controlling the alien child, not choosing the traits, etc. First chapter! As I write this... I have no idea what to say. It's Sunday night. THE Sunday night. You're in bed and all I can think to … Continue reading Love from the Stars (Ep 1)